Caleb Zahnd - Full-Stack Developer

Caleb Zahnd

Full-Stack Developer


Caleb Zahnd is a full-stack web developer with over 20 years experience in internet-related design. He is thirty-something years old, a son of the hills of Andrew County, Missouri. Caleb works as the Technical Solutions Architect for the world’s leading travel-centric ad agency, MMGY Global, managing a team of creatives building beautiful and immersive web experiences and applications. He is self-motivated and deeply driven. When he's not pushing code, you can probably find him running. Since 2013, he has completed four ultramarathons and nine road marathons. He is married and has four children, who are the only people on earth with more energy than him.


Technical Solutions Architect

MMGY Global April 2018-Present

Manages and oversees the Technical Solutions Team and the ideation, technical planning, and implementation of client technical solutions, including the entire portfolio of MMGY Global web properties.

Brings an established knowledge of internet standards, insights, and award-winning work to the MMGY Global team with over two decades of experience in web development. Leads all client facing technical discussions and identifies new technology solutions for clients. Refines existing technology solutions, and develops partnerships with outside technology solutions providers.

Responsible for the development and production of immersive and beautiful web sites in the travel, hospitality, and entertainment industries that are adaptable for a wide variety of devices using current web technologies and a variety of content management systems on both the PHP and .NET platforms, including WordPress, Drupal, and Umbraco. Manages the technical implementation of various digital marketing efforts including native apps for smartphones, interactive screens and kiosks, and various other technical implementations.

Experience managing work efforts of teams both local and remote using Agile workflow and utilizing the Atlassian Suite (JIRA, Confluence, BitBucket) for feature documentation, bug tracking, and deployments.

Front End Platform Lead

MMGY Global April 2014-April 2018

Managed the Front End Department and Interactive Web Development Team for all MMGY Global web properties.

Led the development and production of web sites in the travel, hospitality, and entertainment industries, adaptable for a wide variety of devices using current web technologies, languages, and frameworks. Sites developed using semantic markup, with attention to making them WCAG 2.0 compliant and accessible for those with disabilities, while keeping the experience beautiful and immersive.

Worked directly with the template engines of a variety of content management systems on both the .NET and PHP spectrum, including Umbraco, Drupal, WordPress, as well as managed the full stack development of WordPress projects from conception to production deployment.

Responsible for designing and implementing a preprocess build system into multiple continuous integration systems (Bamboo and Jenkins) to eliminate storing compiled resouces in version control.

Responsible for establishing agency-wide code standards and best practices, conducted code reviews, and evaluated developer performance. Provided accurate level of effort estimates to project managers for front end related tasks, and provides technical recommendations for new business RFPs.

Managing work efforts of Agile teams using JIRA for feature and bug tracking.

Full-Stack Developer

St.Joe Web July 2013-November 2014

Created engaging and energetic web sites and applications adaptable for a wide variety of devices using current web technologies, such as HTML5, LESS, SASS, GruntJS, Node, media-queries, and a variety of CSS frameworks. Specialized in creating custom boutique WordPress themes specifically designed for the project. Responsibilities included project management, client relations, front and back-end development, server [LEMP Stack] and database management, marketing, and design. Also capable of brewing a mean pot of coffee.

Director of Information Technology

Word of Life Church May 2003-April 2014

Managed a mid-size Windows domain-based network and a wide variety of devices attached to it, including workstations, Windows Servers, Apple devices, printers, point-of-sale systems. Implemented a wireless-mesh network that seamlessly covers a large campus. Responsibilities included hardware and software purchasing and implementation, general tech support for all church personnel, building custom workstations for the various needs of the church, and managing several large databases, including church membership, sermon archival, children's check-in, and others. Other responsibilities included maintaining a point-of-sale system and all of its inventory, designing, building, and deploying multiple web sites for various departments and events, and managing a unix-based mesh of cloud servers to handle a wide variety of IT-related tasks for the church. When the apocalypse comes, I'm not a bad guy to have around.


Professional Skills

  • Web Design & Development
  • UI & UX Design
  • HTML / CSS / SEO
  • Responsive Design
  • Social Media Management
  • System Administration
  • WordPress
  • Agile Project Management

Design & Development Tools

  • Windows / OSX / Ubuntu
  • LEMP Stack
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Javascript / jQuery
  • Versioning Control (Git)